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What Should Swimmers Call Me

By a swimmer, for swimmers.
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thepineapplekiller asked: How do you feel about Rachel Bootsma going to the Olympics instead of Natalie Coughlin? (I personally am very happy Rachel made it - she was on my team, after all. So proud of her! :) I'm also happy that Missy finally made it to London as well! Also, how do you feel Natalie's doing so far?

I love Rachel. She is such a sweet girl! I think that the backstrokes have just fantastic young talent (Missy Franklin, Rachel Bootsma, Olivia Smoliga, Bonnie Brandon, Kylie Stewart) and these girls are the future faces of the sport. Missy totally deserves everything and more! She’s been working for this since she was a little tyke (yes she was little once) ;) and she is just a wonderful person. You gotta feel for Natalie, but I think she understands how amazing these young swimmers are and I’m sure she is happy for them! 

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