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What Should Swimmers Call Me

By a swimmer, for swimmers.
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In the pool:

On land:

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My parents ordered me the pool bedspread that was floating around the swimming blogs for Christmas all the way from Europe my life is complete

Swimmers bed!


For those who can never get enough of the pool

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I can’t I have practice.

—Ancient Proverb 

When your coach asks if you practiced over break


Northeastern University’s “training trip” rendition of “All I Want For Christmas”


 ”It shouldn’t matter” Tom Daley says as he begins his youtube video. And yet, he knows that it does; why else would he post this? Nothing flashy, just a short, sharp video putting to rest any rumors about his sexuality. He reveals he is in a gay relationship. However, he admits he still ‘fancies’ girls. He also comments on what his father, who passed in 2011 after a battle with brain cancer, would have thought of this. “He always told me as long as you’re happy, I’m happy… And right now, I couldn’t be happier.”

I realize that I am a swim blog, and Tom is a diver, but for heaven’s sake people this needs to be signal boosted like there’s no tomorrow. Hopefully, with more and more sportspeople and prominent members of society coming out; people will start to become more aware that this is not an issue that the world is just going to ‘get over’. And by the ‘issue’, I’m not talking about people being gay. I’m talking about the fact some people cannot accept others sexuality.

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Thinking about taper

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Interactions after morning practice

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